Pat Kadooka Koa Chopsticks


Paired sets of Hawaiian Koa chopsticks rounded on all edges. Finished with mineral oil and bees wax to protect and seal.

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Pat Takumi Kadooka, third generation artisan, is originally from Kona, Hawaii. A descendant of a master carpenter from Kumamoto, Japan, he’s inherited the ability to make unique creations with wood. What started as a hobby back in 1969 became a business in 1995. After working with ceramics, paper arts, fresh flowers and Fimo (clay), wood became the material of choice for Kadooka to capture his ideas. He got his start at craft fairs, eventually selling to local stores that featured local artists. At first he only had a few box styles, but slowly added more and more designs. Kadooka now produces over a hundred different items. His woodwork pieces are made from Koa and occasionally when available he will use other local woods (mango, sandalwood, etc)


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