Lord of the Deep (SC)


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Random House
Author: Salisbury, Graham
Format: Softcover

This is it, the big time. Mikey is thirteen, a deckhand working on a charter boat in Hawaii. Working for the best skipper anywhere, his stepdad, Bill. Before Bill came along, it was just mikey and his mom. Today they’re a real family, and Mikey has a little brother. He can’t believe how lucky he is. Now he’s the youngest deckhand in the harbor, because Bill believes in him. Mikey won’t let him down.
But some seas, some fish, some charter clients are a lot tougher to handle that Mikey ever imagined. Take Ermie and Cal – they’ve signed up Bills boat for three days, and they’re out for the adventure of their lives. It’s up to Mikey and Bill to give it to them.

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