Little Hawaiian Rice Cookbook


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Mutual Publishing
Hardcover, 80 pp.

Rice by itself is a comfort food, an everyday side that can be found during any meal in any household around the Islands. It is as much a part of Hawai’i as the aloha spirit. With creative ingredients or items easily found in your kitchen on a daily basis, it becomes a delectable, versatile meal.

Whether you prefer the nutty aroma of jasmine rice, or the short-grain Arborio rice found in risottos and rice puddings, recipes developed and perfected around Hawai‘i can be found within these pages. Learn how to make Sticky Rice, or combine the likes of artichokes, scallops, minced clams, or chicken to make Paella. Try a daring Thai dish where rice is blended with curry, coconut, and shallots then wrapped in kaffir lime leaves.

Ordinary steamed white rice becomes an explosion of textures and flavors when macadamia-nut crusted mahimahi and ginger pesto are added. Rice isn’t just for the main course, though; it is just as delicious as a dessert, especially when you add brown sugar, butter, and coconut milk.