Life Of The Land: Articulations of a Native Writer


In this volume, Dana Naone Hall articulates, through essays, testimony, public talks, writings, interviews, and poetry, her 30 years of activism surrounding Native Hawaiian rights to traditional lands- including advocating for burial preservation, which ultimately led to the birth of the Hawaiian burial movement and the creation of state laws to protect remains and establish island burial councils.

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Dana Naone Hall

Soft Cover 264 pages
Dana Naone Hall continues to advocate for the protection of coastal resources and shoreline access, as well as the preservation of historic and cultural sites.  She lives in Ha‘ikū, Maui.

This volume explores the inexhaustible relationship of the Hawaiian people to their native land.  Dana Naone Hall’s writings cover more than three decades of her political and cultural engagement in public, federal, state, and county processes.  As an activist with poetic sensibilities, Naone Hall demonstrates how meticulous analysis coupled with the power of the imagination can unlock new ways of seeing and relating to places that may not be immediately recognized as retaining profound Hawaiian elements.

This book will serve as a companion and guide to those engaged in protecting the sustained presence of Native Hawaiians on and in the land.


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