Lauren Trangmar Ukulele Print


Lauren is an artist and graphic designer currently residing in Honolulu, Hawaii. She combines meticulous, labor-intensive, traditional processes and aesthetics with contemporary technologies to create her surreal imagery. Lauren works in a range of media including graphic design, illustration, digital imaging, traditional printmaking, painting and sculpture.

This print is pen, watercolor, archival pigment ink. 

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The word ʻukuleleʻ itself translates roughly to ʻjumping fleaʻ in English, perhaps because of the movement of the playerʻs fingers. In general, it is shaped like a mini acoustic guitar, although there are variants of this shape. The ukulele is derived from the Portuguese instrument, the ʻmacheteʻ which is a member of the guitar family. The machete was brought to Hawaiʻi by Portuguese immigrants, who moved to the Islands to work in the sugar can fields in the late 1800s. After its arrival in Hawaiʻi, the ukulele was quickly adopted into Hawaiian culture. King David Kalakaua was very fond of the instrument, promoting it as Hawaiian. He had the instrument used at formal royal functions and to accompany hula, a decision which has been identified as a key factor to the instrument becoming so popular in Hawaiʻi.


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