Lauren Trangmar Shave Ice Print


Lauren is an artist and graphic designer currently residing in Honolulu, Hawaii. She combines meticulous, labor-intensive, traditional processes and aesthetics with contemporary technologies to create her surreal imagery. Lauren works in a range of media including graphic design, illustration, digital imaging, traditional printmaking, painting and sculpture.

This print is pen, watercolor, archival pigment ink. 

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Shave ice is an iconic brightly colored dessert often enjoyed on hot, sunny afternoons in the islands of Hawai’i. Shave ice is made by literally shaving small bits of ice from a large block. The process of shaving the ice can be traced back to Japanese plantation workers who immigrated to the Islands in the 19th century. In Japan, shave ice is referred to as kakigori and dates back nearly 1,000 years to the Heian Period.


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