Lauren Trangmar Malasada Print


Lauren is an artist and graphic designer currently residing in Honolulu, Hawaii. She combines meticulous, labor-intensive, traditional processes and aesthetics with contemporary technologies to create her surreal imagery. Lauren works in a range of media including graphic design, illustration, digital imaging, traditional printmaking, painting and sculpture.

This print is pen, watercolor, archival pigment ink. 

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Malasadas are sugar dusted, deep-fried dough treats that were brought to Hawaiʻi with the arrival of Portuguese plantation laborers in 1878. The name ʻmalasada’ means ʻpoorly cooked’ a reference to the almost crisp, sugary exterior contrasted by a soft, doughy interior. Malasadas were rarely offered in Hawai’i bakeries until Leonard Rego (the grandson of Portugese immigrants) opened Leonard’s Bakery on O’ahu in 1953.


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