Koreans in Hawaii: A Pictorial History 1903-2003


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University of Hawaii Press
Author: Chang / Patterson
Format: Softcover; 224 pps

The Koreans in Hawaii: A Pictorial History, 1903-2003, brings together hundreds of photographs to tell the powerful story of the people who have shaped the Korean immigrant experience in America over the past one hundred years. Although Koreans faced the same hardships and barriers as other East Asian immigrants in the New World, the story of their migration, settlement, and assimilation into American society has received relatively little attention. This volume not only commemorates the centennial of Koreans in Hawaii, but also offers readers an unprecedented look at the rich history of a community that continues to develop and change to this day.

The photographs, which illuminate and complement writings and oral histories found elsewhere, provide insight into Hawaii’s Korean immigrant community, politics, and everyday life. They reveal the struggles and successes of the first and subsequent generations, allowing viewers to connect with the past. Together with chapter introductions, the wide range of photographs (many only recently discovered in archives and family albums) represents an engaging record that uncovers the deep roots of Korean Americans in Hawaii.

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