Kona: A Novel of Two Generations in Hawaii


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Marjorie Sinclair
Softcover, 248 pp.

Set during a time of transition- plantation life was ending and WWII was looming on the horizon. Kona follows the lives of an interracial family. Martha and Winslow’s life together reflect the conflict that comes from the meeting of opposing cultures and values. The story traces the impact that the bending of cultures has on their children who, in the end, make choices very different than the ones imagined by their parents.

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    Bella Hughes

    This is a very thoughtful novel that shares the perspective of two generations of women (a mother and a daughter) in pre and post WWII Hawai’i. Sinclair’s writing captures a Hawai’i of a bygone era, one that if you grew up here, you heard about from your grandparents. Her characters are strong, emotive and relatable. Sinclair’s astute observations capture the cultural and physical landscape of Hawai’i. A very enjoyable read if you are into historical fiction and enjoy multigenerational family stories.

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