Island Edge of America (SC)


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Author: Coffman, Tom
Format: Softcover

In his most challenging work to date, journalist and author Tom Coffman
offers readers a new and much-needed political narrative of
twentieth-century Hawai`i. The Island Edge of America
reinterprets the major events leading up to and following statehood in
1959: U.S. annexation of the Hawaiian kingdom, the wartime crisis of the
Japanese-American community, postwar labor organization, the Cold War,
the development of Hawai`i’s legendary Democratic Party, the rise of
native Hawaiian nationalism. His account weaves together the threads of
multicultural and transnational forces that have shaped the Islands for
more than a century, looking beyond the Hawai`i carefully packaged for
the tourist to the Hawai`i of complex and conflicting
identities–independent kingdom, overseas colony, U.S. state, indigenous
nation–a wonderfully rich, diverse, and at times troubled place.