Images of America: Waikiki


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Arcadia Publishing
Kai White & James Krauss
Soft Cover, 128 pp.

Waikiki, literally “spouting water”, is the name of what was once a lush wetland area where three mountain streams met the Pacific Ocean. Under the care of Native Hawaiians, it was a place of rich, sustainable agriculture and aquaculture. With changes brought by Western settlement, Waikiki was transformed into one of the most popular beachfront tourist destinations in the world.
With a topography featuring Diamond Head, the pristine Pacific Ocean, and the expansive Kapi‘ olani Park, recreation has often reigned in Waikiki. Waikiki has remained the meeting place of fresh and salt water, of sand and sea, and of locals and visitors. Ultimately, it is the authors’ hope that this book, through words and images, will help to ensure that Waikiki’s past, both good and bad, remains a part of our collective memory.

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