Hoʻoulu Ka ʻUlu Cookbook: Breadfruit tips, techniques, recipies


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AgroforestryNet Inc
Author: Elevitch, Craig
Soft Cover, 48 pap.

This new cookbook is essential for both novice and expert breadfruit cooks. It covers how to select fruit that will have the best taste and texture for the dish you are preparing. Then it covers the most important ways to cook breadfruit to eat plain (like potato) or use in various recipes. Finally, it presents 20 recipes selected from the last 25 years of breadfruit cookoffs and cooking contests in Hawai’i, allowing you to pick a perfect dish for any occasion.

Breadfruit, or ‘ulu in Hawaiian, is a versatile staple that has fed people throughout the Pacific for millenia. This cookbook is about
rediscovering this delicious and nutritious food.  The first part of this book shows when to harvest, how to handle and easy ways to cook ‘ulu fruit. The second part presents a selection of award winning recipes from breadfruit cookoffs and festivals in Hawai‘i. Once you try a few of these dishes, we know you’ll be hooked on ‘ulu, a tasty and sustainable food from our island home.