Holly’s Ukulele Method


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Uke Dawg Productions
Holly Rudin-Braschi
Softcover, 188 pp.

86 Downloadable MP3s of all exercises and songs included! There are many ways to play the ukulele. All are valid, particularly if the result is music that is clear, rhythmic and inspired. Holly’s Ukulele Method™ helps you do all of this and much more! The most comprehensive manual for learning and teaching ukulele, Holly developed the playing techniques in Holly’s Ukulele Method™ over ten years of teaching beginners from grade school to grad school.

If you have a fire in your belly to make music, plus make a commitment to practice a minimum of 20 minutes 5-days a week with this book, you will be on the road to becoming a ukulele musician, not simply a ukulele player. This detailed, information-packed guide transforms your ukulele into a tool to teach you the basics of musicianship… skills that can be applied to any other instrument.

Perfect for both private or classroom study, Holly’s Ukulele Method™is organized as a six-lesson course in reading music to encourage ukulele players to learn more than chords and songs. The ability to read music enables you to sight-read music you have never heard; listen to new music then play the notes and chords “by ear” while recognizing their names and rhythms; write new music, and much, much more.


    • Read music and tablature in the key of C so you can pick up any piece of music and play it
    • Play melody lines
    • Play chords to accompany yourself and others
    • Combine both melody and chords for dynamite solo playing
    • Fingerpick and strum for a professional sound


    • String-by-string music reading
    • Over 86 musical exercises and songs to master the techniques in the book
    • Free downloadable music instruction MP3s for all of the exercises and songs at www.hollyukulele.com
    • Clear descriptions
    • Easy-to-follow photos and drawings
    • Songs and chords
    • Strumming and fingerpicking technique
    • Finger exercises
    • Music writing

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