Hawaiian Voices: Bridging Past and Present


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Mountain Apple Company
Eddie & Myrna Kamae
DVD: 60 minutes run time

This award winning one-hour documentary by celebrated filmmakers Eddie and Myrna Kamae, pays tribute to the role of the Kupuna (elders) in preserving Hawaiian culture. It focuses on the legacies of three respected Hawaiian elders whose lives bridged the transition from older times into the late 20th century. They are Ruth Makaila Kaholoa‘a, age 93, of the Big Island; Lilia Wahinemaika‘i Hale, age 85 of O‘ahi and Molokai; and Reverend David “Kawika” Ka‘alakea, age 78, of Maui. A special emphasis in the documentary is the power of Hawaiian language as a key to cultural connectedness and continuity. Each of these kupuna speaks Hawaiian fluently, as it was once learned within their families. Each is a living archive of invaluable lore and recollection, a treasure whose stories, memories and perspectives need to be shared as a way of bringing the healing wisdom of the past into the often-fragmented world of the present.

The voices and stories of these old-timers reveal the true nature of our culture.” – Eddie Kamae


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