Hawaiian Kingdom 1854-1874 V2 Twenty Critical Years


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Author: Kuykendall, Ralph S.
Format: Hardcover

The colorful history of the Hawaiian Islands, since their discovery in 1778 by the great British navigator Captain James Cook, falls naturally into three periods. During the first, Hawaii was a monarchy ruled by native kings and queens. Then came the perilous transition period when new leaders, after failing to secure annexation to the United States, set up a miniature republic. The third period began in 1898 when Hawaii by annexation became American territory.

In the second volume, Twenty Critical Years, the author deals with the middle period of the kingdom’s history, when Hawaii was trying to insure her independence while world powers maneuvered for dominance in the Pacific. It was an important period with distinct and well marked characteristics, but the noteworthy changes and advances which occurred have received less attention from students of history than they deserve. Much of the materials  is taken from manuscript sources and appears in print for the first time in the second volume.