Hawaiian Flower Lei Making


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University of Hawaii Press
Adren J. Bird & Josephine Bird
Softcover, 152 pp.

The Hawaiian flower lei is known around the world as a symbol of love and respect. With this book as a guide, beginning lei makers will be able to create beautiful flower leis for friends and loved ones. Hawaiian Flower Lei Making provides illustrated, step by step instructions in basic lei making techniques for several of the most common methods of lei construction.

There are nearly as many ways to construct leis as there are people who make them. This book is devoted to three basic kinds of leis: the kui (string) lei; the haku lei; and the lau (foliage) lei, including the wili (twisted) method, the hili (braided) method, and the hipuu (knotted) method.

Beginning with the simple plumeria lei, you will learn how to make many different leis, including orchid leis in the maunaloa style, hala leis, the single and double carnation lei, haku leis for the head, and the ti leaf lei and maile lei, among others. With the skills you learn from Hawaiian Flower Lei Making, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of a Hawaiian flower lei wherever you happen to be.

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