Hawaiian Birth Signs: Nā Hōʻailona Hānau


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Hawaiʻi Culture Services
Wendell Kalanikapuaenui Silva
Softcover, 40 pp.

The book Hawaiian Birth Signs – Nā Hō`oailona Hānau, offers a wealth of mystical teachings of the ancient kahuna kilo hōkū, (expert stargazer and seer). For the first time, the astral revelations for all 12 months of the Hawaiian lunar calendar are shared by a modern day descendant of Hawaii’s priestly sages in an insight filled journey of self-discovery. Twelve full-color original illustrations and 24 traditional proverbs in the Hawaiian and English languages enhance the quick, easy and informative reading experience. This ancient wisdom offers a practical and inspirational guide for living that people of all ages and professions are successfully following today. One reader marveled, “this is my son exactly and it took someone that lived centuries ago to learn how to help him.”

People born in each lunar month are invited to find themselves by exploring the hidden realm of Hawaiian mysticism to discover the secrets of their own hō`ailona cosmic birth signs just as the kahuna unveiled the unknown for kanaka maoli (indigenous Hawaiian) of old. The book unearths the profoundly intimate relationship that man had with his `aumākua (ancestral guardians), the major gods Lono, Kū, Kāne, and Kanaloa, nature and the entire universe. The powerful forces of mahina, the moon, and Hina (moon goddess), governed everything in his surroundings including the elements essential to life – earth, fire, water and air. Each deity could assume different and often opposite forms and these “shape-shifters” each had dual roles: rain clouds and rainbows, calm and chaos, light and dark. Like the two sides of the double-hulled canoe, people born in Kaulua (Feb.) tend to lead lives of extremes and challenges in balancing reason and emotion. Spiritually equated with La`a-maomao, (wind goddess) people born in Kaulua can become turbulent gusts or gentle breezes in seconds. Those born in Kā`elo (Jan.) and associated with Haumea (Mother Earth), dig firmly in and are persistent and methodical as they proceed undauntedly to reach the pinnacle of success. For them, “no cliff is too high that it can’t be climbed,” says Silva, the author.

The kinship between Mother Nature and human nature – an individual’s character traits and qualities, personality, tendencies and his duality- reflects the yin and the yang of the cosmos. Man’s oneness and connection to the eternal rhythm of life, to powerful goddess Hina and her endless push of the mighty ocean, is part of his mana (supernatural energy), his spiritual DNA, heritage and his identity – past, present and future. This publication is about discovery and gaining insights from the past to build a future. It will help everyone know who they are and to better understand the people that are important to them. The kahuna kilo hōkū of old, hands readers the keys to unlocking the doors to happier lives, explains Silva. I always tell my students, “the world that you envision is the world for you to create when you have an understanding of your connection to the cosmos.”

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