Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park


Located in one of the most isolated places on earth, thousands of miles from the nearest landmass, the area surrounding the Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park was created by violent earthquakes and fiery volcanic eruptions. Shrouded in ancient myth and legend, the park’s history dates back to a time before the arrival of Hawaiians. This was a time when gods and goddesses roamed the islands; the most famous, the fierce goddess of the volcanoes, Pele, is believed to dwell here still. It took a decade of lobbying efforts to finally preserve this unique area as Volcanoes National Park. Since 1916, not only has this area been a national park open for all to experience, but the scientific advances made here due to the ability to constantly monitor the volcanic activity has had a huge impact on the science of volcanology, understanding earthquakes, and creating an early warning system for tsunamis.

Arcadia Publishing
Jeanette Foster
127 pp.

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