Hawaiʻi’s Party Food


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Muriel Miura
Softcover, 176 pp.

Hawaii’s Party Food brings you the choicest little dishes, inspired by the cuisine of Japan, China, Southeast Asia, the Mainland, and more, as well as traditional Hawaiian fare such as pipikaula and island favorites such as kalbi kui.
Parties are a snap with Auntie Muriel’s delicious, easy-to-follow recipes for the most delectable pupus of Hawaii. From the rib-sticking sweet-sour pork to the simple elegance of rolled watercress sandwiches, from nibbles like Hawaiian jambles to finger-lickers like teriyaki chicken, from teppo maki sushi to Filipino lumpia, you’ll find 188 essential party recipes from Hawaii’s celebrated food lover and cookbook author.

Along with the tastiest, easiest recipes for your favorite pupus, you’ll find sample menus, decorating tips, and more than 100 ideas for garnishes, relishes, party drinks, and store-bought foods that can be dressed up to make a complete and festive table.