Hawaii Chronicles III: World War III in Hawai`i


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Author: Dye, Bob
Format: Softcover

World War Two in Hawaii looks at the human and social impact of the war
on the people of Hawaii from 1938, when speculation of a Pacific War
first surfaced, to the era of post-war prosperity that followed. Editor
Bob Dye has selected articles that originally appeared in the popular
monthly magazine Paradise of the Pacific (now known as HONOLULU
magazine). An introduction describes the history of the magazine and the
colorful characters who published and edited it. Dye then poses the
question: How did Hawaii’s citizenry cope with the war? Blackouts, media
censorship, gas and food rationing were imposed. Schools were
commandeered, jobs were changed or modified to support the war effort
(lei makers were set to making camouflage netting). And soldiers were
everywhere: stringing barbed wire (along Waikiki Beach!), guarding
public buildings and searching anyone who entered, worrying parents when
they dated their daughters. Paradise of the Pacific provided its
readers with an informative, perceptive, and often entertaining look at
these and other everyday experiences of life in wartime Hawaii.


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