HAWAII A Voice For Sovereignty


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By Catherine Bauknight
DVD, 84 Minutes

HAWAII A VOICE FOR SOVEREIGNTY is the first documentary of its kind to feature the native Hawaiians jouney to sustain their culture, spirituality, and connection to the land. The experience of the indigenous Hawaiian people is universal. They demonstrate that we are all connected and depend on the land and natural resources of the planet for survival. This modern epic documentary, filmed over four years, contains rare interviews with Native Hawaiians in their homes, at sacred sites, in mountains and the rain forests. Along with the voices of these people of the land, Professor Haunani-Kay Trask, cultural specialist Clifford Naeole, Grammy nominee Willie K and other Hawaiian leaders, take us into rarely seen ancient lifestyles where spirituality, culture, and care for the land form a sacred bond between humankind and the natural world. They reveal their quest to secure their Hawaiian rights as the host culture, and their economic, social, and ecological future. By bridging their ancient kmowledge with modern technologies such as wind, solar, and wave renewable energy and agriculture land systems they move toward their goal of sustainability. Also appearing in the film is Greg Braden, author of Fractal Time.