Grandpa’s Mixed-Up Luau


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Island Heritage
Author: Paikai, Tammy
Illustrator: Don Robinson
Hard cover, 28 pps.

What do you get when Grandma needs Grandpa to go shopping for a lu`au…. and Grandpa does not hear very well? A lot of misunderstandings that leads to lots of giggles and a happy ending! The second delightful tale from award winning author Tammy Paikai and Illustrator Don Robinson.

1 review for Grandpa’s Mixed-Up Luau

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    Cheryl Burghardt

    Even before the book is opened, Grandpaʻs Mixed-Up Lūʻauʻs cover has you smiling with an inkling of what is to come in this Hawaiʻi place-based book written by Tammy Pakai and illustrated by Don Robinson.

    Grandma needs some items for the lūʻau and Grandpa doesnʻt hear so well. One can only imagine how the story will unfold when Grandma asks Grandpa to go get some poi, he comes back with a boy. Ending as many lūʻau and ʻohana gatherings in Hawaiʻi might, filled with aloha, this book will be a favorite read for all ages.

    This moʻolelo introduces island culture and ʻohana values. For newcomers, itʻs a chance to learn local foods and customs. Kamaʻaina have a chance to enjoy reading about many of their favorites. Educators will find this story avails itself to a variety of themes and language acquisition skills. It also can be used to support Nā Hopena Aʻo: Hā**

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