From Then to Now A Manual For Doing Things Hawaiian Style

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By Kaʻala Farm
Published by Short Stack (2015)
Paperback 112 pages

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Close to thirty years ago, the Waiʻanae ʻohana at the ʻOpelu Project put together the first Manual on Doing things Hawaiian Style. Everything old is k(new) and the time to remember again is now. Luckily, some people never forgot.

O kau aku, o ka ia la mai, pela ka nohona o ka ohana
The farmer gave to the fisherman, the fisherman gave to the farmer
– ʻOlelo Noʻeau, #2441 Those were the days.

A time when everyone knew how to take care of themselves and their families. Sharing, was not a surprise, it was a cultural tenant, and a joy. Let’s not be nostalgic, but continue our legacy as people who will lead through example, and care for each other.

From Then to Now: A Manual for Doing Things Hawaiian Style is a great resource to learn how to put Hawaiian plants such as the kalo, kī, niu, pū hala, ʻuala, and ʻulu, back in the ground, and what to do with what grows! Through talk story, ʻōlelo noʻeau, and instruction, you’ll also learn about fish, fishermen and fishing. Insights on making an imu, cutting and cleaning fish, building your own dry box, and more is included in this easy to read manual. Celebrating its fortieth year, Kaʻala Farm has been teaching our children and communities about living Hawaiian style. Through their continued generosity, they’ve made A Manual on Doing Things Hawaiian Style available to all of us, so we can learn, live, and thrive Hawaiian style too.