From a Native Daughter, Revised Edition


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Author: Trask, Haunani
Format: Softcover

Since its publication in 1993, From a Native Daughter, a provocative, well-reasoned attack against rampant abuse of Native Hawaiian rights, institutional racism, and gender discrimination, has generated heated debates in Hawai`i and throughout the world.  This revised work includes new material that builds on issues and concerns raised in the first edition: Native Hawaiian students organizing at the University of Hawai`i; the master plan of the Native Hawaiian self-governing organization Ka Lahui Hawai`i and its platform on the four political arenas of sovereignty; the 1989 Hawai`i declaration of the Hawai`i ecumenical coalition on tourism; a typology on racism and imperialism.  Brief introductions to each of the previously published essays brings them up to date and situates them in the current Native Hawaiian rights discussion.