Early Mapping of Hawaii


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Author: Fitzpatrick, Gary L.
Format: Hardcover

This volume traces the story of the mapping of Hawai’i during the pivotal years in which the indigenous society was radically transformed by the peoples and ideas imported from the West. Foreigners introduced the concept of mapmaking to Hawai’i, and they made maps of the islands to satisfy the needs of maritime commerce, missionary endeavors, and scientific investigations.

Nearly seventy maps, complemented by more than twenty views, portraits, and illustrations, are reproduced here. Included are many charts and harbor plans produced by such famous figures of naval history as James Cook, William Bligh, George Vancouver, Otto von Kotzebue, Urey Lisiansky, Jean Francois de la Perouse, Louis Duperrey, and Charles Wilkes. These richly reproduced charts document the early geography of Honolulu, Lahaina, Hilo, and Kailua – the most important urban areas of modern Hawai’i – as well as many other bays and harbors in the islands.