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Maiden Voyage Productions
a film by Gail Evenari
DVD format

Centuries before European explorers ventured beyond their shorelines, the ancestors of today’s Polynesians had sailed to every habitable island in the far corners of the Pacific. This ancient Polynesian sea voyaging tradition comes to life again in Wayfinders: A Pacific Odyssey.

The one-hour program sweeps viewers into a seafaring adventure with a community of Pacific Islanders as they build traditional sailing canoes, learn how to follow the stars across the ocean and embark on a 2,000-mile voyage in the wake of their ancestors. As with many indigenous peoples, the cultural identity of Polynesians has become obscured by western belief systems, history and economics. Filmmaker Gail Evenari focuses on the revival of one area of this deeply rooted culture — wayfinding — the art of navigating a canoe across long distances using only natural signs: the sun, the moon, the stars and the ocean swells.

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