DVD Mālama Ka ʻĀina: To Care For The Land & The People of Niihau


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Ohana Filmworks LLC.
Ohana Filmworks LLC.
DVD, 25min.

Malama ka Aina invites you to take a never-before journey to the ‘forbidden’ island of Hawaii named Niihau. This fascinating, privately owned island is home to 200 native Hawaiians that continue to speak the ancient Hawaiian dialect as their first language.

Learn the story of how the Sinclair family purchased the island from King Kamehameha V in 1864. Watch Keith Robinson, one of the two brothers who owns the island today, take us on a tour of the island’s ecosystem and listen as he tells remarkable stories of the Isle and its people.

Follow the struggle that this island has endured in preserving the culture, its people, species, and rights to this land. No one is allowed to step foot on this island without a special invitation so you won’t want to miss seeing this amazing glimpse of one of the modern world’s still existing mystery places.

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