DVD Luther Kahekili Makekau: A One Kine Hawaiian man


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Award-winning documentarian and musician Eddie Kamae brings you another powerful story of Hawai`i.

Eddie Kamae is a native Hawaiian singer, `ukulele virtuoso, composer and co-founder of the legendary Sons of Hawai`i music group.  In 1986, he launched The Hawaiian Legacy Series in the belief that Hawaiian voices, language, music and cultural wisdom, preserved on film, would be an enriching experience for everyone. 

This award-winning, one-hour documentary pays tribute to the untamed spirit of a colorful and controversial Hawaiian man.  Known throughout the islands and descended from a line of warrior chiefs, Luther Makekau was part philospher and part outlaw, a chanter and a singer, a fighter and a lover, a cattle rustler, a rebel and a poet. 

Born on Maui in 1890, during the reign of King Kala-kaua, he lived nearly a hundred years, shaped by a century of turbulent cultural change.

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