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Na Maka o Ka Aina
Format: DVD

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Kapu Ka’u is a unique portrait of one of Hawai’i’s most remote and rugged districts, Ka’u, located on the southern flanks of Mauna Loa on the island of Hawai’i.

The people of Ka’u are known historically for their fierce independence and pride. In the program, the people of today’s Ka’u relate their stories of a lifestyle closely tied to the land and the sea.

Viewers will be guided through the verdant uplands by long-time residents who recall their traditions of growing taro, hunting pig and branding cattle at Kapapala Ranch.

A tour of the shoreline by area fishermen reveals ice cold freshwater ponds at Ninole, rich fishing grounds at Punalu’u, salt gathering areas at Kamilo, green sea turtles and the famous ‘ili’ili stones of Koloa.

Ka Lae, also known as South Point, the southernmost point in the Hawaiian islands, is famous for its ancient sites: Kalalea heiau (temple), canoe mooring holes, habitation caves, burial grounds and house foundations. It is an area honored by the Maori tribes as the departure point for their voyage to Aotearoa (New Zealand) centuries ago.

In spite of the beauty and special significance of this district, it has been impacted by many outside influences, from hundred-year-old sugar plantations to modern-day resort and spaceport development plans.

Kapu Ka’u shows the determination and continuing efforts of Hawaiians to keep Ka’u kapu, or sacred.

Featuring Palikapu Dedman, Adeline Andrade, Pele Hanoa, George Manuel, John and Chris Kalani, Sam Kaluna, Chris Bangay, Lono Ke, David Kanakaole, Minerva Akiu, Caroline and Joe Kauwe, Hanoa Pa’aluhi, Sam Hui, Bernard Keliikoa, Archie Kaawa, Lily and William Ahia and John Wailani.

The program was produced by Na Maka o ka ‘Aina in association with Ka ‘ Ohana o Ka Lae (“the family of Ka Lae”).

Length: 1 hour