DVD/INS Todays Makaainana: The Fisherman and the Farmer


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Na Maka o Ka Aina
Format: DVD; 20 minutes

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Today’s Maka’ainana: The Fisherman and the Farmer

Fisherman Kaiana Ahmad takes us out on an aku (tuna) boat for a day of deep-sea fishing. He shows how sea birds help fishermen to find the fish and demonstrates the use of fishhooks and lures. Then we travel with him and the crew to Waimea bay to see how schools of bait fish are captured.
Keoki Fukumitsu shares his life as a wetland taro farmer in Hakipu’u on the island of O’ahu. Born to a family well known in the windward district for their bountiful lo’i (taro gardens) and ready supply of poi, Keoki struggles to continue the tradition while dealing with such modern-day problems as low stream flow, water pollution and introduced pests.

Originally produced for the school children of Hawai’i.