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Victoria Keith Productions
Directed by Victoria Keith
DVD, 6 films (Institutional version for schools & organizations)

Come and enjoy six classic Hawaiian culture documentaries of the 80’s and 90’s. Subjects range from sovereignty to taro, and all will become favorites. A collection that touches upon the lifestyles and heart of many Hawaiians.

The Sand Island Story
Shoreline community living a subsistence fishing lifestyle in downtown Honolulu is evicted and bulldozed by the state to make way for a public park. Captures the last 4 months of community’s efforts to create a living cultural park and remain on the island
(24 min. 1981)

Hawaiian Survival & the Sea
Leslie Kuloloio and his mother Alice talk story harvesting plants and shoreline creatures near Paia beaches on Maui. Les visits Makena and remembers his childhood.
(26 min. 1983)

Hawaiian Soul
“What does it mean to be Hawaiian in Hawai`i today? 12 Hawaiians consciously integrate aspects of traditional culture and their modern lives. They explore their unique takes on cultural identity in the “Year of the Hawaiian”.”
(26 min. 1987)

Island to Island
Maui, Moloka`i, and Lana`i’s ancient sites explained and explored. Molokini heiau, Kalaupapa fishing shrines, fish ponds, Lana`i petroglyphs & villages, guided by Sam Ka`ai and Sol Kaho`ohalahala.
(40 min. 1992)

Back to the Roots
The utimate kalo film! All about taro, spiritual and mythological connections to Hawaiian culture. Historical photos, water and land issues and love for kalo, the culture and the `aina.
(56 min. 1994)

Living on Islands
How much is enough? Navigator Nainoa Thompson guides us through Hawai`i’s limits of the people, development, and use of resources. Features communities trying to return sustainability as a value in these islands.
(42 min. 1997)