Daddy, Who Am I?


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Jasmine Williams
Soft cover; 24 pps.

This story tells of a young girl who asks about her identity and discovers that she is a princess and so much more.

From the author:
“Parents, included are scriptures that are the foundation for this book. Please take time to look up full scripture verses and read them with your child. Have discussions about what is read, together choose a verse to memorize, and then encourage your child (and yourself) to speak it every day. Once you memorize a verse, choose another one, and before you know it, you will have memorized many scriptures. Remember to continue to say the scriptures out loud daily and personalize it with your name. For example: “I (your name) can do all things through Christ. I (your name) am a child of the Most High God.” Believe the God’s Word is true, and then watch and see God revel Himself to you through His Word in your life.”

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