Cult of Ku: A Hawaiian Murder Mystery


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Publisher: Self-published, ©2015
Author: Bill Fernandez
Pages: 261 pages
Softback; 6” x 9” x 3/4”
ISBN-13: 9781539877714

A series of gruesome human sacrifice-style murders in 1920 Honolulu strike the Island’s caucasian power elite. Notes left at the scene signed “Cult of Ku” indicate the killer is a Native Hawaiian seeking revenge for the theft of native land.

War hero Grant Kingsley, son of a rich plantation owner, becomes a prime suspect in his step-grandmother’s murder because she threatened to disinherit him due to his recently revealed ancestry. As he seeks to identify the killer, more murders shake the city as he faces the criminal underworld, anti-union violence, forbidden martial arts, Japanese South Pacific aggression, racism, AND meets a Eurasian scholar. A dramatic oceanside struggle for his life at a heiau (Hawaiian temple) amidst crashing waves reveals a surprising motive and identity.

Bill Fernandez, half-Hawaiian retired California judge and former mayor of Sunnyvale, CA, graduated from Kamehameha Schools and Stanford University. He resides with his wife in his childhood home on Kauai and is the author of several novels and memoirs.


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