CD The Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band Vol. I


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Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band
1991, 1975

One of the MOST classic Hawaiian albums, and possibly the point where island consciousness and music first touched a wider audience, THE GABBY PAHINUI BAND – VOLUME 1 was first released in 1975, and its return on CD is very welcome.
Recorded in 1974 in an isolated part of North Kona on the island of Hawai`i, this offers the real Hawai`i — beyond the tourist areas, and the legacy of guitar music that was a century and a half old. Having Ry Cooder as a guest certainly helped it receive slightly wider notice at the time (and at almost every moment since its release, too), although he plays just a peripheral role. The emphasis is on Gabby Pahinui and his band and on the interplay of voices and guitars.
In addition to his sons, Pahinui’s band included two world-class slack key players — Sonny Chillingworth and Leland “Atta” Isaacs.

Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band is:
Bla Pahinui
Cyril Pahinui
Leland “Atta” Isaacs
Ry Cooder
Sonny Chillingworth

(Tracks with sample are bold.)

  1. Aloha Ka Manini
  2. Ku`u Pua Lei Mokihana
  3. Pu`uanahulu
  4. Moani Ke `Ala
  5. Blue Hawaiian Moonlight
  6. Moonlight Lady
  7. E Nihi Ka Hele
  8. Hawaiian Love
  9. Wahine U`i
  10. Oli Komo (chant)
  11. Ipo Lei Manu