CD Cyril Pahinui 6 & 12 String Slack Key


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Dancing Cat Records
Artist: Cyril Pahinui

With a distinctive, almost magical sense of rhythm and improvisation, Cyril Pahinui continues to advance the musical legacy of his father, the late Gabby Pahinui. His striking compositions, interpretations of timeless Hawaiian pieces, and expressive vocals reflect a highly developed artistry, placing this gifted musician in the ranks of today’s most acclaimed guitarists.

Slack key (ki hoʻalu) is the name for the finger-style guitar tradition unique to Hawaii. First woven into Island culture by Hawaiian cowboys in the early 1800s, this evocative music is characterized by a variety of tunings and the expressive moods of each individual artist.

1. Panini Pua Kea (instrumental) 3:58
2. Moani Ke Ala 4:15
3: Marketplace (instrumental) 3:19
4. Ipo Lei Manu 5:12
5. Young Street Blues (instrumental) 2:34
6. Noenoe (instrumental) 5:32
7. Ka Makani Kaili Aloha 4:02
8. Molokai-nui-a-Hina (instrumental) 3:30
9.Hilo E 6:16
10. Hanauma Bay (instrumental) 3:04
11. Lei Ohu 3.54
12: No Ke Ano Ahiahi 7:00
13. Lullaby for Pops (instrumental) 4:46
Total album time 57:44