CD Boat Days | Tropic Nights


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Leon & Malia

With a combination of new, original compositions and some old favorites, Leon (Siu) & Malia (Elliott) weave a lei of songs for a tropical daydream. The songs evoke the romance and memories of Hawai`i…

(Tracks with sample are bold.)

  1. Boat Days
  2. Island
  3. Beyond the Reef
  4. Dance Upon the Water
  5. Hawaiian Wedding Song
  6. Kaimana Hila
  7. Ho`ala Hou Hawai`i
  8. Tropic Nights
  9. Blue Hawai`i
  10. Medley
    • Honolulu I Am Coming Back Again
    • Honolulu City Lights
  11. Remember When the Music
  12. Island Music
  13. Aloha `Oe