CD ʻĀina


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Mamo Records
Artist: Peter Apo & The Rainbow Nation Band

A milestone CD of original songs and songs written by some of Peter’s friends. All songs speak to about the Islands of Hawai’i, social justice for native Hawaiians, and the need to appreciate and protect the things that define Hawai’i as a special place. “Mother Nation” and “Sovereignty Song” address the subject of Native Hawaiian Sovereignty in gentle calls for justice, and the alienation of Hawaiians from their land and culture.

1. E Ola Hawaii (0.50)
2. Mother Nation (4:48)
3. My Island Home (4:44)
4. Pineapple Road (4:05)
5. Hokulea Hula (5:15)
6. Aina (4:10)
7. Hawaii Loa (4:04)
8. Hawaiian Soul (4:33)
9. Soverignty Song (4:20)
10. Waianae (3:43)
11. The One They Call Hawaii (5:04)