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Herb Ohta, Jr.

The `ukulele plays an important role in Hawaiian music and one of the most popular `ukulele ambassadors from Hawai`i is Herb Ohta, known as “Ohta-san” in Japan and other Asian countries. Over the years he’s recorded music that spans the genres of pop, romantic, jazz, Hawaiian, and orchestral.
Following in his father’s footsteps, Herb Ohta, Jr., is part of a new generation of `ukulele masters. As a teacher, composer, recording artist, entertainer, and producer, Herb’s goal is to share the beauty of Hawaii’s music, it’s culture, and the `ukulele to the people of the world.
“ʻUkulele Legacy” is a rare collection of Ohta-San and Herb, Jr., playing together, on an all-original soundtrack. “`Ukulele Legacy” brings together two styles and generations, allowing us to share in this long-anticipated father and son’s labor of love.
“ʻUkulele Legacy” is a wonderful recording that takes the listener to a trip down memory lane featuring influences from the “golden age” of Waikiki, to traditional Hawaiian sounds to fresh and contemporary `ukulele stylings.

(Tracks with sample are bold.)

  1. Wailea
  2. Poipu I Kaua`i
  3. Pua Lokelau
  4. He`e Nalu
  5. Spend Your Days of Summer With Me
  6. Hapuna Sands
  7. Saimin
  8. An Island Special To Me
  9. Beautiful Kanani
  10. Waikiki Beach
  11. Mele Ho’ohiamoe Keiki

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