Baby’s Book of Firsts in Hawaiʻi


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BeachHouse Publishing
BeachHouse Publishing, Illustratd by Jamie Meckel Tablason
Hardcover, 18pp.

Every parent chronicles their child’s early life with firsts–first smile, first laugh, first step, first word. Growing up in Hawaii’s unique setting, where baby’s firsts happen beneath the glow of a tropical sunset and where nature and culture play an influential role, is special. Baby’s Book of Firsts in Hawaii celebrates the important milestones baby experiences with wonder and aloha. Jamie has also illustrated these best-selling books: Noodles for Baby in Hawaii, 123 Saimin in Hawaii, Down at the Beach, Hawaiian Ocean Lullaby, Noodles for Baby, Slippers in Hawaii, Hawaii’s Food Trucks on the Go, and Uncle’s Magic Thrownet.