Art of Featherwork in Old Hawaiʻi


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Kū Paʻa Publishing
John Dominis Holt
Hardcover, pp 184

Hawaiian featherwork objects are among the most treasured objects to be found in the Pacific collections of the world’s greatest museums. To date, however, there has been very little either written or said about these beautiful works of art. John Dominis Holt’s The Art of Featherwork in Old Hawai’i is thus distinguished as the first complete book ever published about this cultural genre. Within its more than 170 pages is a spectacular collection of family histories, legends, chants, scholarly commentaries and an exquisite gallery of original art-works and photographs which sing the praise of the Hawaiians’ fantastic feather artforms. Within each object – and this book – are mystery, poetry and enduring spirituality of form, design and texture unique to Hawai’i.

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