Aloha -Where You Like Go?


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Outskirts Press
Cloudia W. Charters
Softcover, 148 pp

E Komo Mai! Welcome!
Throw away the guidebook. Forget about umbrella drinks, helicopter rides and resorts. Welcome to the REAL Hawaii of working people, immigrants, and the children of immigrants; a beleaguered but magnificent Island society rich in lingering history. Meet June, a young women from the East Coast, as she discovers everything she never expected about paradise. From rural neighbor island isolation, to Honolulu nightlife by way of drugs, sexuality and motorcycles, June’s new life is anything but easy – till an unexpected encounter changes everything. This is a wise little book masquerading as a good story. Stay Come! Just leave the coconut bra at home.

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    Cloudia Charters

    Mahalo Nui for taking a closer look at my little Hawaii novel. It’s a story, but a LOT more. My intention was to show REAL life issues, in our REAL Hawaii. Some longtime Kama`aina have told me that “this is the way things used to be.” When a notable Hawaiian told me: “I loved your book. I laughed, I cried, I got chicken skin” I finally felt that I was doing something to preserve what is most special about these islands, her first people, and us settlers blessed to live here. This is my oar in the water. A copy also voyaged on the Japan Voyage of the Hokule`a. “We got plenty of time to read at sea,” Kainoa told me the day they left Sand Island. Aloha Pumehana, cloudia

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