Aloha to You: A Journey to Living with Aloha and Finding the Power Within


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Author: Daniel M. M. Aipa
Format: Softcover

Aloha to You is meant to inspire and motivate you to find the power within to live the life you deserve. It is a self-discovering journey to find your true passion, what makes you happy, and how to go about living a meaningful and fulfilling life. Everyone has something unique to offer the world and that something is built off of the foundation of life – Aloha.

Follow the author Daniel Aipa’s own journey to self-discovery through a compilation of essays that look to empower you to become stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually. Each chapter offers a lesson, rooted in Hawaiian values, to bring awareness of exactly what it is you want out of your life.
This book is divided into three parts: Kuha’o (Self-reliance), Mana (Power), and Aloha (Compassion). It can be read in order or in parts depending on where you are and what you need in your own self-discovery. What’s unique about this book? During his journey Aipa found what Aloha means to him, and he wants the same for you. With that in mind, he gives Aloha to You.

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