Aloha Modern Ulana Lauhala Beach Blanket


Our microfiber beach blanket is sized at five feet by five feet. These soft, 100% microfiber towels with a waffle texture have a large surface giving lots of room to spread out. The beach blanket is perfect for sunbathing, taking keiki to beach as a play mat, or just lounging at home.

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MO‘OLELO: Ulana (weaving) was once such a highly developed skill that many of the pieces rendered by artistic Hawaiian women of old are considered works of art today. The ulana heritage links our ancestral Pacific islanders from traditional practices carried forward in modern Hawai‘i by a contemporary artists. Through the use of mediums like lau hala, ʻieʻie and makaloa, many modern Hawaiʻi weavers work to perpetuate this ancient art. The hala plant is depicted like a repeating Hawaiian quilt print on the other side.