Aloha Modern Suede Microfiber Towel – Maui


Made from absorbent light-weight suede microfiber that’s impossibly soft to the touch yet extremely durable and fast drying, these stylish, microbe resistant, 100% suede microfiber towels are sand-resistant, a great way to dry off after a morning surf session, a hard workout at the gym, working in the field, staying dry on the snow slopes or a simple topper for your yoga mat. Towels are 60″ by 30″.

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MO‘OLELO: The legend of Māui can be found widely across Polynesia. The story of Māui snaring the sun was told among Maori of New Zealand, natives of the Hervey, Society and Samoan Islands, and the ‘ōiwi of Hawai‘i. Māui’s mother, the goddess Hina, had trouble drying her famous kapa because of the short days and kānaka were not able to cultivate food. Determined to slow the sun, Māui heads to Haleakalā in search of his grandmother. It is here she teaches him to use the wiliwili tree and anchor the sun. After Māui hooks the sun, the sun agrees to slow his path if Māui set him free. They agreed for him to slow his path in the summer and may go quickly through winter. Thus, Hina was able to dry her kapa and kānaka was able to cook and prepare food during the day.