Aloha Modern Suede Microfiber Towel – Ānuenue


Made from absorbent light-weight suede microfiber that’s impossibly soft to the touch yet extremely durable and fast drying, these stylish, microbe resistant, 100% suede microfiber towels are sand-resistant, a great way to dry off after a morning surf session, a hard workout at the gym, working in the field, staying dry on the snow slopes or a simple topper for your yoga mat. Towels are 60″ by 30″.

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MO‘OLELO: The daughter the wind and rain of Mānoa, Kahalaopuna was the most beautiful woman of her time. She was betrothed to a chief from Kailua named Kauhi of the shark aumakua, but when Kauhi heard rumors that Kahalaopuna had been unfaithful, he sought her out and killed her and buried her under an tree. After Kauhi departed, her familial guardian, the pueo owl, scratched and dug at her grave and brought her back to life. Mahana, a commoner found the pueo scratching at the roots to save Kahalaopuna and with all his might save the beautiful princess of Mānoa. For his crimes, Kauhi was turned to stone facing the sky as to forever look at the gods as punishment. Some say the sleeping giant at the back of Mānoa is Kauhi, still laying in stone for his wrong doings.