Native Knowledge Exchange

We’ve changed. Can you tell?

Welcome to Nā Mea Hawai‘i

A place of exchange
Exchange means something goes both ways, not just one way. Here’s how we’ve changed. This space is primarily devoted to the making of things by hand — cultural items, lau hala weaving, jewelry, printmaking, sewing, and art.

We exchange knowledge and desire
The front space has a locally-made retail focus,money for goods means we can pay our expenses while welcoming everyone into the space freely.

We exchange resources
On the perimeter are small studios, workshops and pop up retail experiences. We want to encourage creative people and growing businesses.

We exchange experiences
In the back, Native Books, in-print and out of print books and materials, local music CDs and DVDs continue to flourish.

We exchange information and ideas
In the back, NOHO, a place to sit and talk story — have a meeting, enjoy books and soon, tea and awa service.

We exchange laughter and friendship
Nā Mea Hawaiʻi, is a Hawaiian place, a place of exchange.
Welina mai nei, welcome.

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